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What can Black, Red, Yellow and White Lies Matter Too be used for?

  • Book studies

  • Online credits

  • Equity- community projects

  • Elementary curriculum guides

  • High school classroom curriculum 

  • Middle school classroom curriculum 

  • College, trade, and university curriculums

  • Diversity and Equity Curriculum, people of color, and indigenous history


What can La Ch'uupalo; The Conqueror be used for?

  • Trauma counseling/groups, conversation, and therapy

  • Rape, Trauma, Assault, and group counseling conversations

  • Trafficking counseling, conversation, talks, community resources

  • Book studies and research with kids as in middle and high schools

  • Community book studies, research, women and veteran groups, etc.

  • Young girls, women of color, and the disadvantaged, impoverished, and underrepresented.


In addition, these books can be used for interviews and possible motivational speeches in higher level college debates.


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Welcome to our site!  We hope to afford access to the underrepresented so they can get help and assistance when needed!  If you know of any agencies for: addiction assistance, homelessness, trafficking and sexual assault assistance, etc. please feel free to contact us! 


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